Adult Relaxation Room

1 Salt Session $25

2 Salt Sessions $40

3 Salt Sessions $53

5 Salt Session Wellness Pass

$15 Each ~ 5 Visits for $75

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Boro Beach Room for Families

Reminder the Beach Room is ALWAYS private for your family or group of friends! Enjoy Salty Air while you play with toys and watch Disney+!

$20 ~ 1 Adult & 1 Child

$30 ~ Family of 3

$35 ~ Family of 4

$40 ~ Family of 5

* Please bring clean light colored socks for the kids to change into and then wear in the room. Foot covers are provided for adults or you may bring clean light colored socks too. Thank you!

~ Monthly Specials or Events are on our FaceBook Page & Instagram

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Sauna ~ Infrared Full Spectrum Chromotherapy

50 Minute Sauna/Light Therapy Sessions

~ $30 Each Session

~ Add a Friend $10

~ Sauna Fits 2 People

Wellness Pass ~ 4 Visits $100 ($25 each)

Detox ~ Eliminate toxins by sweating from your biggest organ, your skin.

Exercise Recovery ~ Sauna before exercise increases performance and quickens recovery.

Heart & Blood Pressure Health~ Lower systolic and diastolic blood pressure over time.

Boost Immune System ~ Helps with cold and flu season...  increases white blood cells, lymphocytes and neutrophils.

Mood Improvement ~

Younger Skin ~

Circulatory System Oxygenation ~

Pain Relief ~

Relaxation ~

Lowered Inflammation ~


Please bring a t-shirt & shorts to wear during your Sauna Session and a beach towel for the bench! Thank you!

See Pricing Page

Salty YOGA Classes

~ Classes are 90 Minutes in the Adult Relaxation Room

~ 2 Salt Sessions during Class

~ Yoga Supplies are provided!

~ Just wear comfy clothes!

Salty Rest Yoga w/Lounger Chair ~ $25

Salty Yoga w/Mats ~ $35

Yoga Tickets can be purchased from the Online Store

Salty Friends


Group Rate $20 Per Person (4 or More People)

Includes 2 Hours of Salty FUN! (Call 615-410-3918 for Details)

Price Varies

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